Tupten Lakshyong Gyamtso

During the first half of his life, Tupten Lakshyong Gyamtso was predominantly concerned with mundane responsibilities, pursuing wealth and status. When he first encountered the Tibetan master Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche in 2006, he spontaneously acknowledged the realization and authenticity of the teacher who would, at that instant and from that moment on, become his spiritual mentor and his root Guru. Instantenously,he had experienced a sudden profound transformation in regards to what he believed to be important in life.

Upon learning about the value of benefiting others, about the vital importance of knowing one’s own mind, about how the state of one’s mind affects numerous aspects of one’s life and others, Lakshyong followed Rinpoche to China where he resided and learnt for several years. Since then, he has been gradually practicing the precious Buddhist methods of transformation, genuine compassion and wisdom.

In 2016, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche suggested Lakshyong to commence teaching the Dharma and since then, he has been teaching with a heart-warming expression to the students interested and keen to practice.

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