Sacred Tibetan Chanting


Tibetan chanting is itself a harmonious language of the realized ones and a channel of access to their blessings. Through chanting, we have a living and interactive relation to them.

There are two important qualities that a holder of the Tibetan oral tradition – the sacred chanting of mantras and prayers, possesses: rhythm and meaning. We are often advised to chant the practices of our lineage, Tibetan style, because in this way the transmitted blessings enter more completely.

Through the rhythmic chanting of mantras, the energies of the body, speech and mind merge as one in contemplation. This unity becomes more powerful when the meaning is understood. The chantable English translations of the prayer texts can be practiced and sung in the traditional way by using time- honoured Tibetan melodies, thereby benefiting the emotion of the Tibetan rhythm along with your own language. The chantable mantras and prayers also facilitate one’s focus on the practice itself.

There is extraordinary richness in these lines and chants, and this is where oral tradition comes in. If you choose to practice with us, let your mind extend across an enriched meaning gained through study and practice to your own chanting, whether in Tibetan or EnglishAlso, to further our own understanding on this holy oral transmission experience, we have the essential qualified teacher.

Choegye Drakpa Rinpoche spent twelve auspicious years of practice in Yachen Gar, refining the qualities of the heart according to the Dzogchen path. Well learned in the oral tradition, he was bestowed the authentic transmission of ancient chanting which he guards and preserves while aspiring it to make it resound universally.

Rinpoche will lead a series of events on Zoom and Facebook Live every month , during which he will teach everyone the Tibetan spelling, tone, style and the harmony of each mantra or prayer according to the ancient tradition of the lineage.

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May all be auspicious!