Longsal Ngondro Retreat


Within the Yachen lineage established by Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen Rinpoche (Lama Achuk Rinpoche) , students will be able to receive one-on-one guidance on Dzogchen meditation with an accomplished lineage master in person upon their completion of the Ngondro practices (Four Outer Preliminaries and Five Inner Preliminaries).  Our wish is to encourage and support students in their Ngondro practice so that they can obtain the privilege of receiving personal instructions which will be adapted to their individual needs. 

In line with the above, the Ngondro Camp of Asal Orgyen Gar will conduct a series of virtual Ngondro retreats in regular succession that will go through the essential points of Longsal Dorje Nyingpo Ngondro practices (one of the two main Ngondros practiced within the Yachen lineage).