The foundation of Asal Orgyen Gar was fully inspired by the actual monastery of the same name founded according to Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s prophecy.  Read more


Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen Rinpoche (also known as Lama Achuk Rinpoche) was a accomplished Dzogchen Nyingmapa master. He was a lineage holder for both Longchen Nyingtik cycle and Longsal Dorje Nyingpo cycle. Read more


Our main activities are Eight-Precept home retreat, Ngondro retreat, Course  Broadcasting and Guru Yoga meditation in group and son on. Read more on Our Activities


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All students following Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s lineage are welcome to join the Facebook community group ”Family of Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen Rinpoche” for social networking and information exchange.