Eight-Precept Home Retreat


Rinpoche has emphasized the importance of entering retreat regularly in order to help practitioners achieve steady progress in their spiritual practice. It may not be easy or even realistic for most lay practitioners to withdraw from their various responsibilities, leave home and travel to attend solitary retreats for extended periods of time. For this reason and as a long-term perspective, the short-period home retreats were conceived as a feasible alternative for many of us.

Asal Orgyen Gar coordinates an online space facilitating home retreats with live teachings offered by teachers authorized by Rinpoche himself. We choose one or two auspicious days every month according to the Tibetan calendar during which participants can join from their home. During the retreats, we observe the Eight Precepts and meditate together with the intention of deepening our practice and developing wisdom and compassion. In order to facilitate the retreat at our best, we will host live teachings and we will stream practice videos for group sitting on Zoom platform.

 We normally ask participants to take part, if possible, in all online sessions. However, one can choose the sessions that one will attend together with the group, according to one’s various possibilities such as time zone difference and physical conditions or, one can choose whether to take part in the retreat online along with the group and to continue the rest of the practice by oneself.