Choegye Drakpa Rinpoche

Pursuing his intense urge of renunciation experienced since childhood, Choegye Drakpa Rinpoche decided to travel to Yachen Monastery in eastern Tibet to search for the guidance within the lineage established by Lama Achuk Rinpoche. At Yachen, he practiced closely by the side of his root teacher Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche with pure motivations in body, speech and mind. Choegye Drakpa Rinpoche served Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche in accordance with the three ways of pleasing one’s teacher and ripened into a deeply appreciated and loved disciple.

Encouraged and blessed by his root Guru to follow in his footsteps, Rinpoche has been teaching and guiding fortunate students towards deepening their Vajrayana practice. Showing compassion and being skillful in guidance and teaching, Rinpoche became known for his ability to help his students to genuinely understand the meaning and to realize the profound joy of practicing Dharma.

Rinpoche places great emphasis on and has actively been working towards preserving the tradition of oral transmission of mantra and sadhana recitation, as well as of the chanting passed down from the lineage masters of the past. Rinpoche is also practicing and attending towards liberation people undergoing their last moment of life. Rinpoche’s principal intend is to devote his time to meditation retreats and to deepen his own practice and realization.


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