Inviting the Mind to Awaken

A very auspicious new chanting event.You are all kindly invited to join any or all the three consecutive days of chanting that carry the blessings of Guru and the lineage. 

Tibetan chanting is itself a harmonious language of the realized ones and a channel of access to their blessings. Though chanting, we have a living and interactive relation to them.

For three consecutive days of Saga Dawa month in the Tibetan lunar calendar, the excellent master of Tibetan ancient chanting Choegye Drakpa Rinpoche will expound to us and guide us the Tibetan spelling, tone, chanting style and the harmony of each mantra  into the following:

22nd of May,Saturday: Mantra of Buddha Shakyamuni
oṃ mune mune mahāmunaye svāhā

23rd of May,Sunday: Refuge and Bodhicitta

26th of May,Wednesday ,Saga Dawa Düchen : Calling the Lineage Gurus


The most important month in the Tibetan lunar calendar is Saga Dawa, which starts from 12th May to10th June. This month commemorates the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of our perfect and most supreme teacher, Buddha Shakyamuni. 

The full moon day takes place on 26th May, it’s called Saga Dawa Düchen (Düchen means “great occasion”).On this day, we will learn chanting and praying to the lineage gurus – Calling the Guru Afar: The Swift Arising of Enlightened Compassion – From the Treasury of the Expanse of the Dharmadhatu Wisdom Mind

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on each of the days same time

1.30 PM UTC +2

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Meeting ID: 836 3449 0821  Passcode: chanting

The organizer do not request participant to register for attending the course, but we would like to know the mantras you wish to learn in the future, you can write down in the following form if you want:
May all be auspicious!
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