Eight-Precept Retreats

(Quarter 1, 2021)


We continue this new year exploring our time resources in order to expand and deepen our practices. We strive to gain insight, presence, awareness. Virtual Achen Gar is inviting Gyalway Nyugu Rinpoche’s students everywhere to assemble online and through practice, create a fertile relationship among us and in reverence to the lineage. We wish to thank everyone participating to this project and it is this kind of reciprocal cooperation that makes such important practices possible. Through your joined practices you have been supporters from this project’s inception, and we strive to engage in further projects that draw from the past knowledge, represented by our excellent Guru, and that is significant to our lives in the present.

Since June, the followers of Gyalway Nyugu Rinpoche and his precious lineage from many regions across America, Asia and Europe used the online services to travel rapidly across time zones to fulfil their spiritual needs.

We are grateful for all our unity and harmony which is fundamental in meeting with our Guru’s blessings. In 2021, we will continue to use the online platform as a convenience for retreats. Each month, we will practice together the Eight Precepts Retreat with the according austerities, prayers and practices on the specific auspicious days as maintained by the Tibetan calendar.

Through the meeting of the power of the blessings and one’s own devotion, realization will progress. For this reason, it is important to practice Guru Yoga. The Guru Yoga of Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche A Rain of Blessing continues to be our main practice. By means of online practice and its integration into our daily lives, may the collective power of our Sangha help increase our realization through wisdom and compassion.

Please explore our retreat schedule for the first quarter of 2021 below.


Retreat Dates

Buddha Shakyamuni Day, Karmic effects are multiplied 900 million times.

Observation of auspicious days should be according to our respect and deeper awareness so that we bring our practice and prayers together in the most beneficial way. More than two thousand five hundred years ago, embracing the Great Renunciation, the Indian Prince Siddhartha Gautama departs from his palace in the spiritual quest of seeking Buddhahood. After six years of austerities, practice and study, he becomes the Buddha, the Awakened One, and out of compassion for the world he devotes the rest of his life to expounding the excellent path to Enlightenment, the path that surpasses pain and suffering. Transforming ourselves into witnesses present to Buddha’s turning of the Wheel of Dharma, we, who achieved these present rare human bodies in Samsara, are enabled to bring the Dharma in our hearts and enter the stream. 

With these auspicious intentions in mind, 13th January, the day of the Blessed One, opens a new year of collective practices, starting with the present Eight Precepts Retreat. In addition, the practices during this day symbolically announce the auspiciousness of the upcoming Chinese New Year and Tibetan Losar.

Chöthrul Düchen,Virtue created on this day magnified millions of times

Chöthrul Düchen,Marks the fifteenth day of the Tibetan New Year, remembering a unique time in Buddha’s life when for 15 days he performed a series of miracles during his interaction with six tirthika or non-Buddhist teachers. (The Fifteen Days of Miracles are celebrated from the first day of the Tibetan New Year until the fifteenth. Chotrul Duchen culminates with the Full Moon, the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar and commemorates the final day of the miraculous display.

This day is also the festival of Buddha Amitabha. (Dhyani or Celestial Buddha of the cardinal direction West, or The Red Buddha of Infinite Light)

Anniversary of Marpa Lotsawa. (11th century) whom along his illustrious disciple Jetsun Milarepa founded the Kargyud school which gained its name from the nature of its teachings, meaning the World Precept Transmission.

March the 13th (Saturday) is the last day of January in Tibetan calendar, Buddha Shakyamuni Day, karmic effects are multiplied 900 million times.

March 14th (Sunday) we celebrate Buddha’s Victory, karmic effects are multiplied hundred times.

March monthly retreat will extend for two days’ time and the participants can register according to their individual circumstance: respectively, 2 days taking Major Precepts Retreat or taking only the Minor Precepts.Each one can choose accordingly in registration form.

Registration and More information

More details about the retreat such as Registration will be posted on the Facebook Page Virtual Achen Gar and shared in the group Family of Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen Rinpoche. The Registration Form will be updated as we progress developing activities and it can be found by clicking on the following link:

A warm welcome to join our facebook group if you haven’t joined yet.

His Holiness Lama Achuk Rinpoche once said, ‘To achieve the attainment of one’s own mind being in union with our Root Lama is what we should pursue throughout our life.’  Rinpoche also taught us that “Everything is in the process of change. It may become better or it may become worse, but it will not be changed by our will. Therefore, be peaceful and harmonious when facing life, knowing that everything that happens is normal and is determined by causes and conditions.’

May we cultivate reverence for these words and may we  rejoice in the happiness of others.

Virtual Achen Team

December, 2020